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Semi-Finalist Codemaster Challenge

Nico Vuyge

I'm proud to announce that I won a semi-finalist prize in Microsoft's Windows Vista Code Master Challenge. I don't know if Microsoft is ever going to update the winners page with the full name of the winners, but the 'Nico V.' from Belgium, that's me.

My entry for this contest was Blogoholic, a WPF blog reader for people who read hundreds of blogs a day.

View Nico Vuyge's profile on LinkedIn Nico Vuyge is a freelance software developer in East-Flanders (Belgium), specializing in Microsoft technologies. Nico has fully embraced managed software development in C# after a decade of software development in the unmanaged world in C++.
Apart from his interests in state-of-the-art managed software development, he is also interested in the hardware aspects of informatics, in particular performance and silent computing related aspects. For more details, see our company history , or contact him directly at
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