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Make your blog discoverable in Internet Explorer 7.

Nico Vuyge

I noticed that my blogs' RSS feed wasn't discovered by Internet Explorer 7. Then I stumbled on this post (IE7 Publishers Guide) that explains what IE7 needs to autodiscover an RSS feed. I just added this link element to my header (<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Nico Vuyge's blog" href="myblog/rss.xml"/>), and IE7 auto-discovers my RSS feed!

View Nico Vuyge's profile on LinkedIn Nico Vuyge is a freelance software developer in East-Flanders (Belgium), specializing in Microsoft technologies. Nico has fully embraced managed software development in C# after a decade of software development in the unmanaged world in C++.
Apart from his interests in state-of-the-art managed software development, he is also interested in the hardware aspects of informatics, in particular performance and silent computing related aspects. For more details, see our company history , or contact him directly at
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