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Code master challenge, 1 year later

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About 1 year ago, I chosen by Microsoft as finalist of the Code Master Challenge. Unfortunately, one year later, very little remains to be found on the Internet about this contest. To my knowledge, Microsoft never officially announced the winners list, at least not with their full names. The Code Master Contest web site (which at least contained my first name and initial of my last name) disappeared from the net a couple of months later. So the publicity I hoped for never got realised.

The winner apparently was Electric Rain with their Standout Presentation Solution. Apparently there were 4400 registrants, which was much higher than I expected.

So,to remember myself that this was real, I saved a scan of the offical notice I got that I was a winner.

Postscript: Although the Code Master Challenge website disappeared, the internet archive has captured the results for eternity. Read the official winners list here.

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