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Instrumenting an ASP.NET Windows Azure WebRole using ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) with the .NET 4.5 EventSource and Windows Azure Diagnostics

Combine ETW tracing via EventSource and Azure Diagnostics in a webrole

A solution for Visual Studio XAML designer crashes in C++ Metro

Solve Visual Studio 2012 XAML designer crashes by debugging the XDesProc process.

How to fix a Metro app under development that doesn't start anymore.

Status and solution for some common issues with Metro development

A workaround for Windows Store app download issue on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Investigation of a Windows Store download issue

Converting a c++ Metro app from the Developer Preview to the Consumer Preview of Windows 8

Documenting the experience of migrating a C++ Metro App.

Announcing 40 days of Windows 8 Metro and WinRT development.

A personal project to gain experience with WinRT and Metro development

Using IValueConverter in WinRT from C++

C++ sample of how to use IValueConverter

Google's performance analysis comparing C++, Java, Scala and Go

Comparing the performance of Scala, Go and C++

Very high cpu usage when using the ADO.Net Data Services Client

Investigation of unexpected high CPU usage.

An unexpected issue with the Azure StorageClient and continuation tokens.

The Azure StorageClient doesn't always seem to deal with continuation tokens transparently.

PDC 2009: Inside the Windows Azure container.

Pictures of an Azure container, and how it is cooled.

Hosting images via the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network

A practical example of how the effects of hosting images via the Windows Azure CDN

Arrived in LA for the 2009 PDC

To Los Angeles by TGV (at least the first few hundred kilometers)

We are now live on Windows Azure.

The IConstructions web site has now been migrated to Windows Azure.

Preparing for the PDC.

I'm preparing for the PDC.

Succeeded in 70-502 exam.

Last Friday, I succeeded in the '70-502' exam (Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation Application Development).

PDC 2008 Here I come

Microsoft PDC 2008: I'll be there.

SEO improvements

We updated the site to get better search results.

Code master challenge, 1 year later

This is what remains of the Code Master Challenge.

Building a silent server (again)

Building a silent server that cat run lots of virtual servers with only 35 Watt idle power consumption!

Semi-Finalist Codemaster Challenge

I'm a semi-finalist of the Code Master Challenge!

Announcing Blogoholic.

Announcing Blogoholic, a WPF based blog reader.

Make your blog discoverable in Internet Explorer 7.

Internet Explorer 7 just requires an extra metatag of type `application/rss+xml`

Databinding a position in Avalon.

How to databind a position on a Canvas in Avalon

URL Deployment performance issues

This article discusses a number of performance issues with URL deployment, and how to solve these issues.

URL Deployment bloopers.

What went wrong building the URL deployment test application.

Experimenting with assembly load time.

An experiment to determine the load time of an assembly

When is an assembly loaded?

An analysis of the timing of when an assembly gets effectively loaded

I'll be there

I am attending the PDC 2005

Hello World

Hello World, my blog introduction post.

View Nico Vuyge's profile on LinkedIn Nico Vuyge is a freelance software developer in East-Flanders (Belgium), specializing in Microsoft technologies. Nico has fully embraced managed software development in C# after a decade of software development in the unmanaged world in C++.
Apart from his interests in state-of-the-art managed software development, he is also interested in the hardware aspects of informatics, in particular performance and silent computing related aspects. For more details, see our company history , or contact him directly at
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